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Learn About Chipped and Broken Tooth

A chipped or broken tooth is a serious issue, usually indicating that damage has occurred to the inside of the tooth as well as the outside. Call Dr. SmiLee for an emergency appointment immediately, and if you cannot see Dr. Jong Lee right away be sure to clean your mouth by gently rinsing with warm saltwater. If the cracked tooth is caused by facial trauma, apply a cold compress to the area to minimize swelling. He will need to take an x-ray to properly diagnose the condition of the tooth to determine the best course of treatment, typically either a crown if no damage has been done to the inside of the tooth, or possibly root canal therapy if it has.


How to Handle Chipped/Broken Teeth

Keep any pieces of your tooth that you can find and bring them in a small container to the dental office. If you are in significant pain, you can take ibuprofen and apply a cold compress to your face for about 10 minutes. Then, remove the compress for an additional 10 minutes before reapplying. You may do this for up to one hour. Treatments typically involve placing a crown over the damaged tooth.


Have Any Questions?

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