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What is it like to visit Dr. SmiLee? What sort of care can you expect from the team? These are the kind of questions you want to figure out well before you ever pick up the phone to call our dental office. With the link below, you can read numerous reviews from some of the patients who have walked through our doors over the years. We believe you will find their words to reflect on the type of care you can look forward to during your own visit.


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I came to Dr.SmiLee for extensive dental work. I got root canal done on teeth 7, and 8. Dr.Lee was very thorough with treatment plan and explanation. He used something called dental vibe and I hardly felt my shot to get numb. He was very fast and it was the best root canal I've had. Highly recommended!

Tim B.

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Great office with outstanding staffs! I got 4 teeth extraction today with Dr. Lim. I am usually so scared of going to dental office, but my entire visit today went so smoothly. Dr. Lim was very thorough and gentle, and all staffs were very professional and friendly. In addition, massaging dental chair was something phenomenal. I highly recommend this place for anyone who seeks dental service!

Sylvia J.

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